Hi, I'm Albert Cardona II A Web Developer

"I am a Web Developer, I aspire to create beautiful and functional websites! This website was written in CSS, HTML, and JavaScript, but I am now focused on .NET development."z

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I am a retired Marine and a father of seven. My goal is to land a job in a decent company, it does not have to be Google or Microsoft or any large company like that but a decent company that takes care of it's employees.






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Marine - Communications

I spent most of my time as Marine in the communications field while attending college to earn my degree in Computers Information Systems. I've did other jobs, such as recruiting, and being a liaison to the Georgian military and specialized groups.


Numerous Jobs - Counselor

During this time, I had three different jobs at once. My main job was as a counselor for troubled youth. Additionally, I worked at Staples selling computers and components, and I delivered Chinese food.


Api Technology(now called API Tech) - Technician 4

Tests high reliability multi-circuit assemblies and subassemblies using electronic tests such as: Flash, capacitance, insertion loss, auto test, voltage drop, mechanical/visual tests such as: Gauging and measuring to ensure parts meet tolerance levels and functions according to specifications. A Technician IV is responsible as a technical resource in assisting Operations, Quality and Engineering in efforts to include, but not limited to the prototyping and pre-production of assemblies to ensure units operate in accordance with specifications as mandated by customer as well as spectrum internal standards.


Numerous Jobs - Lyft Driver, Financial Representitive

I've recently began working as a freelance web developer, and I've completed a website using SCSS, JavaScript, and HTML. I am working on a new website that uses BootStrap 5, MVC 6, and ASP .NET Core Web app. My goal is to add Stripe or PayPal to it so customers can order on the site. I also worked for Lyft at the beginning of the year and obtained a license to sell life insurance and annuities.

My Projects My Work

"I'm working on my personal portfolio with project ideas inspired by the bootcamp I attended, and the suggestions of friends; emphasizing security and functionality."

wedding planner

Wedding Planner Without Identity .NET MVC

google maps

Google Api Inside Wedding Planner


Blazor WASM


Ajax $.get() With Star Wars api


CSS Variables With SCSS

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: Florida, United States


: AlThePal78@gmail.com


: University of Phoenix, United States


: English, Spanglish